The Peacebuilding Fund used to be fully funded. In recent years demands have grown beyond what was foreseen 10 years ago. Conflicts are regional and more protracted and civilians are now targeted more often.

So, while some Member States have not recently contributed to the Fund or have lowered their commitments, the PBF sees increasing need for its investments.

As a result, the Fund is short of the US$ 100 million needed for its normal operations.

At the same time, as of the first quarter of 2016 demand from within the UN system and from countries looking to sustain peace had risen to close to US$ 130 million.

“The global economic impact of violence was a staggering $13.6 trillion in 2015, equivalent to 11 times the size of global foreign direct investment. This represents 13.3% of world GDP, or $1,876 per person.”


Global Peace Index, 8 June 2016

“Addressing the global disparity in peace and achieving an overall 10% decrease in the economic impact of violence would produce a peace dividend of $1.36 trillion. This is approximately equivalent to the size of world food exports.”


Global Peace Index, 8 June 2016

The Fund has already pulled back its financing and faces a severe shortfall for the coming years.

At some point, the PBF cannot operate anymore as its administration is paid out of a small percentage of its funding.

Yet, the kind of prevention of violent conflict the PBF focuses on can save billions of dollars in costs of intervention once conflict has broken out, not to mention countless lives.

For a detailed financial overview of the Fund, visit the website of Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office, the administrator of the Fund.

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