Concept Note for Member States

The General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions (A/RES/70/262 and S/RES/282)

The comprehensive resolutions on the review of the peacebuilding architecture adopted simultaneously on 27 April by the General Assembly and the Security Council send a powerful signal: that a change in strategy and mind-set is required to address all stages of conflict in a comprehensive way. Focus must not only be given to preventing the recurrence of violent conflict, but to preventing conflict from breaking out in the first place, by investing in sustaining peace.

The resolutions stress that prevention and peacebuilding efforts are underfunded and under prioritized, and that funding to the Peacebuilding Fund (PBF), and for prevention and peacebuilding in general, needs to be more sustained, adequate and predictable.


The PBF was established in 2006, through General Assembly Resolution A/60/180 and Security Council Resolution S/RES/1645 and as evidenced by a series of Reviews[1], PBF funding enables the UN to seize political opportunities it would likely otherwise miss and it enables partners to pool risk and obtain coherence by providing initial or bridge financing for UN preventive and peacebuilding programs.

Despite very positive assessments of the performance and impact of the PBF and overall calls for strengthening its role, the Fund is in danger of seeing its critical position reduced by a decrease in contributions. Already in 2015, projected funding gaps resulted in the PBF pulling back from its programming target, despite an unprecedented demand of over US$120 Million in the first quarter of 2016 for investment to sustain peace. 

The High Level Pledging Conference

The High-Level Pledging Conference seeks to increase the level of contributions, the number of donors and the predictability of PBF’s funding to allow the PBF to continue to excel at its task to deliver fast, flexible and risk-tolerant support to sustaining peace. With migration set as the main theme of the 71st session of the GA general debate, the Pledging Conference will focus on mobilizing funding for the PBF to invest in the “prevention of the outbreak, escalation, continuation and recurrence” of crises, contributing to addressing the root causes of refugee flows.

[1] The 2014 Independent Review of the PBF, the High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operations, the Global Study on the Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 and the Secretary-General report for the World Humanitarian Summit emphasized the PBF’s distinct risk tolerance and responsive funding processes. Independent evaluations and the DFID Multilateral Aid Review demonstrate a strong record of delivery and impact, and the PBF’s unique role in driving UN coherence.


Concept NotePBF Niche Paper  


Expand the donor base supporting the Fund and increase the volume of resources available through multi-year contributions

Mobilization target

US$ 300 million for 2017-2019


Conference Room 2


21st of September – from 3 pm to 6 pm


Ministerial Level


Remarks by the Secretary-General and the Co-hosts

Interventions from the floor by Member States with confirmed pledges

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